SSAFA Collection Photo Shooting – Behind the Scene

Allwalks group had an early meeting on Friday morning, it’s the day for the final photo shooting of SSAFA collection. I was there to help to document the scene behind our photo shooting, it’s an efficient morning, we done by the noon. Thanks for a few of the members who are volunteers to be the models as well as the photographers.

SSAFA Charity Fashion Show – Blandford Camp (2nd May)

We have finally made it to here! It’s an amazing night when we see all the works get together, and being sent out onto the runway. There are twelve upcycled evening dresses which are produced by 4 pairs in less than 4 weeks, as well as a serious of the stunning accessories and hats which are produced by a pair and a person respectively. From the estabilishment of the collection’s theme to the overall outcome; it’s a journey of cooperation, negotiation and creation. We are very pleased to be able to contribute a little of our strength for this charity event; it’s an memorable experience and a meaningful moment.

Evans project – Concept: Shape in Organics

Body As The Nature – The curve of human body is like the organic shape in the nature world; it’s inherent, innate, original and beautiful. In Evans project I captured the silhouettes of the organic shape, and translated them into to the initial design outlines, which enables me to search for the potential shape, as well as reflecting the beauty of nature and original – Love your innate beauty; Love your original body.

Concept samples for Evans project – Print in Texture : Texture in Print

Print in Texture : Texture in Print – The combination of print and texture is the mainly concept in my print design for Evans project. The texture is inspired by the skin of architecture, the print comes from the close shots of our nature world – the record of the nature’s looks. When we look at the print; I hope the print is not just the flat pattern, instead, it can be considered as a part of the texture; which means it can be touched and felt. Garment becomes a new skin – throught the intergration and combination of texture and print – Print in Texture : Texture in Print.

Rebacca’s visiting – Evans Project first selection (30th April)

Tuesday was the design selection / first review for Evans project, all the allwalks group members and the students from Level 6 did their betst to present an exciting and an impressive presentation to our client / guest Rebacca. Good to have her visiting, all the selected students will move to the next stage with the new task which gave by Rebacca. There will be another sifting to cut the number of the selected students to 4-5 in two or three weeks, then will be the final judgement to decide who will win the the prize, and being offered a one month placement in their London office. Keep working hard 🙂

SSAFA charity project – Upcycled Evening Dress 3

Our last model is a size 18 lady, the material we found for this design was a size 20 used black dress with white lining and the decorated plastic zip which is attached along the neckline. In order to keep the dress looks modern, clean and elegance, I took off the white lining and plastic zip, and insert the loops with string at the back to give the flexibility of adjustment in size. A side of the dress skirt is creased to create the effect of drape – the drape is covered by a handmade chiffon rose as the decoration; it was my very first time to utilise chiffon to create a flower; this took me nearly a night to finish it – yeah, so unefficient 🙂  Good to see the dress fits our model well, she looks confidence and gorgeous.