Book – Maison Martin Margiela 20 The Exhibition

Mr. Margiela; one of the most renowned and avant-garde Belgian fashion designer had his twenty-year career anniversary retrospective exhibition at ModeMuseum (MoMu) Fashion Museum, Antwerp in 2009. The book Maison Martin Margiela 20 is a tribute to the exhibition as well as the designer’s influence in fashion.  The book continues Margiela’s conceptural design philosophy; in which the context and layout are elaborately being produced to reflect Margiela’s spirit. Margiela’s works force viewers to rethink and break the existing / established frame – the boundary can be challenged and redefined. This book is definitely worth to have in particularly for the people who are involved in the creative industry.


Book – Drape drape

I have finally received the two drape technical pattern cutting reference books, which I ordered on amazon. The books Drape drape 1 & 2 were originally in Japanese version which were wrote by the Japanese designer Hisako Sato who debuted her first collection at Tokyo in 1994. I would recommand this books to anyone who is interested in the drape shape cloths – form follow drape / fold. The sewing instruction is clearly being indicated in each chapter as well as the order of patten cutting; it’s a very impressive book, and it’s definitely worth to have it.

Magazine – (Issue 3 & 4)

I have just received the newest issue from on weekend; debutes their first fashion magazine in 2012, this semi-annual publication has their 4th issue this month. magazine, which mainly concentrates on the report of the semi-annual ready to wear fashion show, each issue contain contributors columns, top 10 most viewed shows, top 10 collections, Tommy Ton’s scrapbook, trend report, the style notes of the 4 fashion cities and so on. This is an image base publication; which contains the massive newest photos from runway, backstage and street style. The layout isn’t that impressive but it’s still an impressive fashion resource to have the first-hand information about each season’s collections as well as the fashion industry.