A Tribute to Alexander McQueen

This blog starts with McQueen, so ends with McQueen ūüôā¬†just a tribute to him, he is always the reason that I chose UK to study fashion. This is one of most¬†inspiring and innovative¬†performance / fashion I have ever seen, share with everyone.


Take a Bow


Take a Bow – The journey of Design: Enterprise and Innovation has moved to the end, when I look back, I just realise how much work we have done and how much skills I have learnt in just nearly five weeks. It’s a fabulous journey,¬†will bring this journey move forward to the next stage.

On the way to SSAFA fashion show (2nd May) – Blandford camp

English: Road to Blandford Camp at Collingwood...

English: Road to Blandford Camp at Collingwood Corner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have finally made it! On our way to the SSAFA charity fashion show, which takes place in Blandford camp on Thursday (2nd May) evening, it’s our very pleasure to be able to involve in this meaningful event, and contribute our specialty. Can’t wait to see the show as well as our works on the runway ūüôā

To be continued…..

What’s wrong with our bodies anyway? – Questioned by Plus Model Magazine: Say no to size zero

According to the report of the Plus Model Magazine in¬†January 2012 issue; twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average women, today, the model weights 23% less. Ten years ago, the¬†plus size models averaged between size 12 and 18, today, the majority of the¬†plus size models are between size 6 and 14. It’s shock and unbelievable¬†to read the data; fashion industry indeed¬†has the responsibility to stop promoting the beauty in unnatural and unhealthy thin body shape.¬†Below is a photo of a model in Chanel’s spring 2010 show;¬†it’s a shock¬†imagery when we¬†see¬†a model withouht curve presents the newest trend of next season; I couldn’t help to wonder is this the beauty / trend¬†what we really want!!? Karl Lagerfeld once told told the magazine Focus in 2009 that ‚Äėno one wants to look at a woman with curves.‚Äô¬†That is so worng….. at least for me, beauty should be diverse, healthy and nature.

Cindy Crawford, one of the most successful 90’s¬†super models told the German magazine Bunte that ‘a body like her with size 6; is no longer what the fashion industry looking for’ In other word, all those 90’s super models can be considered as the¬†plu size models today – they are too fat for the fashion industry nowday. The¬†90’s super models such as ¬†Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and so on, who¬†are smart, sexy, healthy,¬†confident, succesful, and present the beauty in nature. Beauty should be diverse; rather than being limited in spicific shape or preference; and so does fashion itself… Isn’t¬†the preciousness of fashion is rightly come from the diversity? Stop promoting the unnatural body shape;¬†say no to size zero!