Inspiration for Evans project – Architecture: Surface & Texture

Looking at the skin of the buildings, I’m attractived by those open and line which are presented in grometric form, and give the texture to each building’s surface; then the surface becomes the skin – being given the life. For Evans project; I would like to explore the architecture surface / skin, and translate the texture onto the fabric bases on the concept of the aspiratory skin.

Inspiration – Upcycled Fashion

SSAFA project is a charity fundraising event, we have been asked to provide a range of smart evening dresses for a fashion show which will take place at the first week of May, the dresses are expected to be fabricated by the used garments / stuff – the upcycled fashion. It’s quite challenging to get the inspiration, and translate it into the evening dress by looking at the used stuff; how to keep the elegance of the dress, and maintain the creative spirit of the upcycled fashion will be a challenging issue for this project.