Book – Maison Martin Margiela 20 The Exhibition

Mr. Margiela; one of the most renowned and avant-garde Belgian fashion designer had his twenty-year career anniversary retrospective exhibition at ModeMuseum (MoMu) Fashion Museum, Antwerp in 2009. The book Maison Martin Margiela 20 is a tribute to the exhibition as well as the designer’s influence in fashion.  The book continues Margiela’s conceptural design philosophy; in which the context and layout are elaborately being produced to reflect Margiela’s spirit. Margiela’s works force viewers to rethink and break the existing / established frame – the boundary can be challenged and redefined. This book is definitely worth to have in particularly for the people who are involved in the creative industry.


Inspiration for Evans project – Architecture: Surface & Texture

Looking at the skin of the buildings, I’m attractived by those open and line which are presented in grometric form, and give the texture to each building’s surface; then the surface becomes the skin – being given the life. For Evans project; I would like to explore the architecture surface / skin, and translate the texture onto the fabric bases on the concept of the aspiratory skin.

The process of fabrication: SSAFA charity project – Upcycled Evening Dress

This is a productive week, the journey has moved to the half; all the design and former research / works have already been confirmed. We are now doing the fabrication. We want to translate the man’s white long shirt into a sleeveless woman long dress, and make it looks softer and fluid, in order to meet the effect we are expected; we use chiffon as the material of the dress’s bottom, furthermore, the cartridrg belt will be connected onto the collar; so it will replace the original collar. The dress is nearly done, my mate will dye it into burgundy next week, it’s exciting to see the work making progress, can’t wait to see it in burgundy. To be continued…..

Searching the upcycled materials for SSAFA charity project

In order to create three upcycled evening dresses for the SSAFA charity project, we first need to search for the appropriate used materials; we have been to Clobber, which is a popular vintage shop locates in Boscombe, it’s a quite inspiring and lovely shop, you will easly fall in love with its wide range of products as well as the vintage atmosphere over there. We have found a white man’s long shirt, a woman’s wool jumper, and a cartridge belt – what an exciting item we found! Ready to destroy and fabricate! 13 days to go…..

Book – Drape drape

I have finally received the two drape technical pattern cutting reference books, which I ordered on amazon. The books Drape drape 1 & 2 were originally in Japanese version which were wrote by the Japanese designer Hisako Sato who debuted her first collection at Tokyo in 1994. I would recommand this books to anyone who is interested in the drape shape cloths – form follow drape / fold. The sewing instruction is clearly being indicated in each chapter as well as the order of patten cutting; it’s a very impressive book, and it’s definitely worth to have it.

Magazine – (Issue 3 & 4)

I have just received the newest issue from on weekend; debutes their first fashion magazine in 2012, this semi-annual publication has their 4th issue this month. magazine, which mainly concentrates on the report of the semi-annual ready to wear fashion show, each issue contain contributors columns, top 10 most viewed shows, top 10 collections, Tommy Ton’s scrapbook, trend report, the style notes of the 4 fashion cities and so on. This is an image base publication; which contains the massive newest photos from runway, backstage and street style. The layout isn’t that impressive but it’s still an impressive fashion resource to have the first-hand information about each season’s collections as well as the fashion industry.

What’s wrong with our bodies anyway? – Questioned by Plus Model Magazine: Say no to size zero

According to the report of the Plus Model Magazine in January 2012 issue; twenty years ago the average fashion model weighed 8% less than the average women, today, the model weights 23% less. Ten years ago, the plus size models averaged between size 12 and 18, today, the majority of the plus size models are between size 6 and 14. It’s shock and unbelievable to read the data; fashion industry indeed has the responsibility to stop promoting the beauty in unnatural and unhealthy thin body shape. Below is a photo of a model in Chanel’s spring 2010 show; it’s a shock imagery when we see a model withouht curve presents the newest trend of next season; I couldn’t help to wonder is this the beauty / trend what we really want!!? Karl Lagerfeld once told told the magazine Focus in 2009 that ‘no one wants to look at a woman with curves.’ That is so worng….. at least for me, beauty should be diverse, healthy and nature.

Cindy Crawford, one of the most successful 90’s super models told the German magazine Bunte that ‘a body like her with size 6; is no longer what the fashion industry looking for’ In other word, all those 90’s super models can be considered as the plu size models today – they are too fat for the fashion industry nowday. The 90’s super models such as  Christy Turlington, Linda Evangelista, Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and so on, who are smart, sexy, healthy, confident, succesful, and present the beauty in nature. Beauty should be diverse; rather than being limited in spicific shape or preference; and so does fashion itself… Isn’t the preciousness of fashion is rightly come from the diversity? Stop promoting the unnatural body shape; say no to size zero!